After 18 Years Of Teaching David Is Revealing Teaching Alternatives Using Digital Skills And A New Approach Enabling Teachers To Find Their Freedom And Escape The Machine!

So, welcome to this blog – you are a teacher looking for teaching alternatives and I have just such an alternative and all will be revealed in the text that follows

I am also a teacher who is teaching alternatives to teachers – by that I mean I am going to show you a way that you can find more freedom in your life with the application of a new approach – sounds a bit mysterious perhaps, but just go with the flow for now.

teaching alternatives

Teaching Alternatives.

As a teacher of 18 years standing, and someone who is always looking for teaching alternatives I know just the kind of things you are experiencing that are making you feel this way.

You will be experiencing at least some, if not all of the following:

  • You are on your summer break right now which is not bad, but you still have to go in the for a week here and there in ‘preparation’ for next term, time where your mind is on everything but preparing for next term, you just want to be out of there as soon as possible and your focus is minimal.
  • When you do get back into the flow of things, there will be changes, all of which will add difficulty and frustration to your own efforts.
  • Lots of new students to get your head around, behavioural issues, loads more to do when you get home of an evening, more demands placed on you by management, need I go on?
  • All of your time off is controlled by the academic calendar and there is very little room for change or the unexpected need for time off too, you are expected to be an automaton with no requirement for anything during term time – am I correct? Yes, I think so.

Teaching Is Your True Vocation!

I also understand that teaching is a real vocation and you are passionate about what you do and this is why I want to make you aware of teaching alternatives to teachers, well one teaching alternative in particular anyway.

I am not going to talk about any other alternatives, just the one I have found that is based around affiliate marketing where I have been using the learn do teach model.

As a teacher you will have participated in training regularly as part of your CPD – I recently completed the CSE Level 5 Maths training course and found it interesting.

So what I am saying is you are used to learning and absorbing information and you will have done much of this during your teaching career and so are ideally positioned to transition to the digital economy where you can learn new digital skills and pass them onto others using learn do teach.

Sharing My Findings!

I would like to share with you what I found while searching the internet looking for my own freedom twelve months ago and my mentors Stu and Jay have put together a series of videos that look at and examine the possibilities for you in the digital world.

The possibilities out on the internet are vast, but there are many opportunities out there that make false claims.

Teaching alternative.

Teaching Alternatives.

Knowing Stu and Jay personally I can vouch for their authenticity and their vision to do the best for us all in continually improving all that is available for us.

Anyway, I ask you to click the link below to check what is possible for you that will enable you to move out of your teaching career and find your freedom.

If you have any questions get back to me – the training is second to none.

Take Your First Step Today And Check Out The Videos By Clicking The Link Below:


Teacher Learning And Teaching Digital Skills To Help Others Live A Freedom Lifestyle.

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