David, An Experienced Teacher, Is Coaching Baby Boomers To Learn Do Teach As Part Of Their Digital Skills Development And Is Asking You To Join Him On Your Road And Transition To Freedom!

As a teacher, I have had many learn do teach experiences in my career and so am not fearful of any new material that comes my way.

As discussed in the teacher pain point solutions blog published yesterday it was clear that now is the time that teachers are considering their future and dreading the prospect of climbing back into the machine in September – is this you?

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Learn Do Teach

I am inviting you to consider the possibilities of going down the learn do teach road and learning the digital skills that will take you out of the machine and provide you with a new freedom lifestyle in the not too distant future.

Solutions are being sought all through the academic year and summer holiday time is when many teachers start to consider their future and learn do teach and if they wish to climb back into the machine in September – sounds familiar right.

Don’t forget that I am a baby boomer and a teacher of 18 years standing, and know exactly where you are because I was in exactly the same place around 7 years ago and this kick started my search for teacher pain point solutions.

So here is a reminder of some of the problems you are experiencing right now!

  • Badly behaved students
  • Learning not valued totally results driven
  • No freedom to do the things you want to do
  • Not paid what you are worth
  • Overly dominant management
  • Student behaviour intolerable
  • Too much paperwork
  • Too many students in class
  • Undermining colleagues
  • Work totally dominating your life

So what are you going to do about these problems?  Can I suggest you consider Learn Do Teach!

What Is Learn Do Teach?

The question you must ask is what is Learn Do Teach in relation to getting yourself out of the machine and what exactly will you have to do to find your freedom lifestyle?

To be totally honest you will need to learn some digital skills and there are many to learn although you can be selective and choose the skills that suit you or that you wish to focus on.

Learn those skills to a reasonable level, something you have done many times in your teaching career, and then guide others in learning these skills.

Once you have done your learning and your home based business starts to grow, you will share your learning with other like-minded individuals who join you on your journey and you will never look back as is the case with many of the teachers who have joined me in the search for authentic freedom.

So Come And Join Us And Learn Do Teach!

We have an extraordinary business start-up bundle with online training that you know is valued at £350 so you can have free access to this and it will give you a taste of exactly how your home business will work.

You also gain access to our Digital Skills Platform and you can look at many of the digital skills that are available for you to learn.

So what are you waiting for, click the link below to have a look at what is possible for you in the future?

Learn Do Teach

Wishing you come on board, learn do teach and find your freedom!


Baby Boomer Teacher Learning And Teaching Digital Skills To Live A Freedom Lifestyle.


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