Baby Boomers Self-Development Is Vital For Your Personal Growth – David Shares The ‘Orange Analogy’ To Help You Grow!

Baby boomers self-development is vital for personal growth in the modern world and you can grow and learn.

OK, so why as a baby boomer should I be interested in boomer self-development and personal growth and this analogy provided by Dr Wayne Dyer? 

This short video looking at baby boomers self-development is based on the ‘orange analogy’ used by Dr Wayne Dwyer.

David asks what happens when you squeeze an orange examining what comes out of that orange.

Boomers Self-Development Is Looking Within!

Boomer self-development is based around looking within and not attributing blame to external factors.

Boomer Self-Development

Boomer Self-Development

It is important to strive to become a better person each day and I have been asked how this can be done!

Start by being kind to or doing a good deed for another person each and karma will bring this back to you, but do this good deed, complete this help without expectation and you will grow and evolve into a different more valued person daily.

You Will Continue To Grow!

Now the ball is in your court and as you continue to grow you will find yourself helping others more and your life will become more satisfying.

If you would like to speak with David who is an advanced learning coach and lifestyle guide, click the link below and contact David at his website.


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